The Story of Jicaro Island Lodge

Discover the story of a Londoner turned luxury lodge owner

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If you are planning a trip to Nicaragua, a stay at Jicaro Island Lodge in Granada is a “must do”.

The Cenote at Jicaro Island Lodge

Island for sale !

The story of Jicaro Island Lodge is the stuff of daydreams. It begins back in January of 2007 when Karen Emanuel, Jicaro’s owner, was on vacation in Nicaragua.  Exploring the colonial city of Granada, Karen walked into a restaurant and saw a notice proclaiming “Island for Sale”.  Partly as a fantasy but also recognizing Nicaragua’s tourism potential, it caught her eye.  A short boat ride later with the owners followed by a relaxing week at an outstanding eco-lodge on the Nicaraguan coast and an idea had started developing in Karen’s head.  After arriving back home to the bleak London winter, she scribbled down a few figures on the back of an envelope and within a few weeks had wired over a deposit for the island.

With the help of architect Matthew Falkiner and the Cayuga Collection team - a Costa Rica based hospitality company dedicated to managing sustainable luxury hotels and lodges in Latin America - the dream became reality: our secluded getaway lapped by the calm waters of Lake Nicaragua was born.

To learn more about the magic behind Jicaro Lodge you can read Karen's blog, written during the building and opening of the lodge.