Wellness Spa and Massage on Lake Nicaragua

The Jicaro wellness center offers a range of massage and spa treatments from two open air treatment rooms overlooking Lake Nicaragua.

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The Jicaro wellness center.


Absolutely beautiful. It is so relaxing, calming and such a find.

Massage at Jicaro's wellness center.

A range of massage treatments available at the Jicaro Wellness center.

Jicaro is the ideal location for people who want to reconnect with themselves and leave their hectic lives behind for a few days.

The wellness center is located right on the lake and offers two spectacular open air treatment rooms with private showers. Massages range from Swedish to Shiatsu to Hot Stone treatments and are available on a daily basis for our guests.

In addition to a variety of massage and wellness treatments, a visitor to the island will be enticed by the fresh and healthy local cuisine, the warmth of the local staff and the authenticity of the overall experience.

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