Sustainable vacations in Nicaragua the land of lakes and volcanoes

Nicaragua is one of the undiscovered treasures of the Western Hemisphere and is fast gaining a reputation as Central America’s most intriguing new travel destination. A wide range of hotels and tours, many with a sustainable ethos are now available in Nicaragua to provide the perfect vacation.

Lake Nicaragua isletas


We considered Mexico or Costa Rica but in the end we were happy we decided on Nicaragua.

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Travel to the land of lakes and volcanoes

The land of lakes and volcanoes, a truly breathtaking, beautiful and unspoilt country rich in history and culture. The only thing you should be afraid of when thinking about a vacation in Nicaragua and Jicaro Island ecolodge is that you might not want to leave ever again. Nicaragua has had its share of negative publicity in the past, but today it is one of the safest countries to travel in all of Latin America.

Nicaragua offers a range of memorable experiences for lovers of nature, adventure, active sports, beaches, history and culture. With vast stretches of untouched rainforests and cloud forests preserved as national parks, more than 70 different eco-systems and comfortable eco-lodges throughout the country, Nicaragua is developing a thriving ecotourism industry. A top draw are the beaches and the Pacific Coast has miles of pristine white-sand beaches, many with perfect surf breaks.

If you have a sense of adventure, you will really appreciate all that Nicaragua has to offer. The Nicaraguans are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and the country´s culture and nature are incredible.