Local Produce and sustainable food projects

Jicaro Island Lodge take great care to source local produce where ever possible for their restaurant. As part of that effort and in an effort to improve the nutrition of local people Jicaro is involved with projects that provide food for both the hotel and local people in a sustainable way.

A chicken at the Jicaro farm


The uncompromising culinary team uses only local, organic and fresh ingredients.

Most of the Jicaro staff are local

Sustainable food projects

Jicaro Island Lodge donates a percentage of its profits to support new ideas to implement healthy lifestyle alternatives for members of the surrounding community. The primary goal of these projects is to provide sustainable solutions capable of improving the quality of life of our neighbours.

Chicken Coop

In September of 2013, in cooperation with a local Granada family, Jicaro constructed a chicken coop to provide a new economic alternative for local families who now earn extra income through the sale of organic eggs. The chicken coop is managed by a local Granada family who supplies eggs to Jicaro for use in some of our meals!

Edible Garden

In November 2013, Jicaro began constructing a small edible garden to grow herbs and vegetables. The herbs and produce generated by the garden are shared 50/50 by Jicaro and the families who care for the plants.

Pig Farm

In October of 2012, Jicaro purchased a pair of pigs to begin a breeding program. The pigs serve several functions, from providing food for local families to disposing of Jicaro’s organic waste to even serving as a source of energy for cooking!


As part of our sustainable philosophy, the support of clean energy technologies is a key facet of our work. In October of 2012, Jicaro introduced a biodigester to the pig farm which turns pig waste into a form of clean energy. Prior to the biodigester project, the families in this area were cutting down trees and using them as biomass for cooking. In order to minimize both the negative environmental and health aspects of biomass cooking, Jicaro introduced the biodigester! The biodigester is located on the same property as the pig farm and the two projects combined have been able to provide both sustainable food and as well as sustainable energy!

The pig farm, bio-digester, and chicken coop are all located just 5 minutes from Jicaro by boat or kayak. If you are interested in taking a complimentary tour to see these projects in action, please let us know!