Island Tour

Jicaro Island Lodge is the perfect base from which to explore Lake Nicaragua, Granada Isletas and other attractions of Nicaragua. Whether you are looking to explore Nicaragua's nature and culture or enjoy other activities in beautiful settings. Our tours offer varied activities ranging from easy to challenging, and are all accompanied by a private guide who will teach you about local flora and fauna, as well as Nicaraguan history, culture and day-to-day living. We also like to show our guests around Jicaro Island itself to show what a sustainable lodge is all about.

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A 'canal' between isletas, Lake Nicaragua


Jicaro was a great choice. It was the perfect combination of relaxation and active adventures.

native flora

Jicaro Island sustainability tours

Did you ever wonder what’s going on behind the scenes of an eco-lodge? How is the water from the lake processed into a drinkable freshwater resource? What happens to the grey water; where does it go to? And where do the leftovers from our meals end up? If you are interested in these kind of questions, please join our sustainability tour over the island, where you will get exclusive insights into everything that’s happening in the background. You will be able to excess some of the staff only areas and will see and hear about processes that you probably did not even notice before.

For further insights into our sustainability efforts, we can also arrange trips for you to our neighbouring islands where we are involved in projects, such as the generation of biogas and the support of an impoverished, local elementary school.

Option 1: Tour over the island 30 minutes (sustainability tour).
Option 2: Tour to the pig farm: 30 minutes.
Option 3: Tour to the school: 1 hour.