A Region Bursting with Color and Culture

Discover the rich colonial history and culture of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Granada and its surroundings, including Masaya Volcano National Park, the outdoor craft market of Masaya town, and the beautiful crystal waters of Apoyo Lagoon.

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Granada City Tour

Discover the famous city of Granada - the oldest on mainland America -, established in 1524 by the Spaniard Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba. Considered one of the prettiest cities in Latin America, there’s plenty to explore. You’ll visit sites and colonial buildings as well as the San Francisco Museum, which preserves some of the most interesting indigenous ceramic and statue collections. Step back to pre-Columbian times to learn about Granada’s development; you’ll hear stories of real pirates and tales of civil wars that led to the city being burned to ashes, sacked and destroyed several times. Just like its streets and buildings, Granada’s history is colorful and impressive.

Flor de Caña Rum Tour

Learn all about the history and production of Flor de Caña, the famous Nicaraguan rum on this expert-led tour of the factory. You’ll get to sample the unique flavors of this world-class rum as you explore the family reserve, and you’ll also visit the aging room where the rum acquires its color, aroma and flavor. Having enjoyed one of the most awarded rums in the world, you’ll continue to the city of León to explore its beautiful architecture, history, culture and more.

Masaya Volcano, Handicraft Market & Apoyo Lagoon

There’s nowhere quite like the Masaya Volcano National Park to see one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua up close and personal. It’s home to the bubbling Santiago crater, one of the few places in the world where such an active volcano can be observed from a matter of meters. On this tour you’ll also visit the ecological museum and Nicaragua’s most popular openair handicraft market located in Masaya where crafts can be purchased. Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve, considered to have some of the cleanest and deepest waters in Nicaragua, will also be on the itinerary. These warm waters are perfect for a quick dip or relaxing swim.

Street Food Tour for Adventurous Foodies

Take a journey into the flavors, colors and aromas of the Nicaraguan cuisine as we take you through a number of our iconic dishes. We’ll begin in Granada’s central park with a famous Vigorón followed by something special for those of you with a sweet tooth including some delicious Cajeta in the town of Diriomo.

In Masaya and the white towns, we’ll go “a lo Nica”, taking you completely off the beaten path. In the town of San Juan de Oriente, you’ll try Chicha Bruja (Witch’s Brew) and Mondongo, a local soup, as tasted by Anthony Bourdain. In Catarina, the must-try dishes include Rellenitas, Güirilas, and Atol – it’ll be hard to pick a favorite! In Masaya, the Capital of Folklore, we’ll try some meaty Baho and wash it all down with a well-deserved coffee.